Meet Marina

Holistic Life-Coach, Yogic Energy-Practitioner and Healer

Hello I’m Marina. I facilitate a space that can help you to refine your perception antennae, establish soulfield integrity and bloom. With my insights gained through a broad spectrum
of experiences over the years, I teach people how to naturally and powerfully access their higher selves, become emotionally literate, read energetics and make optimal life choices. 


My work is an amalgamation of what I’ve learned and successfully applied over the past decades. Yet it is flexible enough to allow for continuous upgrades and a customisation aligned to your individual situation. 


Though I had valuable initiations and trainings from Buddhist and Yogic masters, I am neither connected to, nor do I promote any individual or group. In fact, good inner boundaries and a non-binding approach are very important to me. I rather bring you up to speed and assure you as in your sovereignty. Energetic detachment and regular cleansing is part of the spiritual housekeeping protocol I follow for myself.

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I feel deeply connected to certain constellations in deep space, gods and goddesses from the Original Hindu pantheon as well as Tibetan deities that are linked to the Original Bon tradition (which predates Buddhism and revolves around the worship of nature).

As I'm in a physical body I respect my alignment with cosmic physical bodies. From an absolute perspective we are always connected to everything, yet depending on our soul journey, natal astrological constellations and our embodiment on Earth, there are particular emanating physical points out there in space, we connect with and which we track.


The frequencies at birth leave an imprint and establish a person as a receiver station. Even if s/he is not aware of the contact or has not been activated yet, the 'antennae' are always there. And can be used to access windows of opportunity.


Initially, I followed a corporate, yet creative profession. I enjoyed an international career and the opportunities to work and live in different countries in England, Europe and the Middle East. My real passion however has always been directed towards finding out what is 'real and true'. Questions intended to understand life and human behaviour better have kept me on my toes already when I was a teenager. I'm a native German and neither Western philosophy nor psychology brought the answers I was looking for. But my spiritual practice and awakening experiences did. I reactivated my memory through self-healing and sadhana. Further education in formal holistic and clinical healing modalities broadened my horizons. And yet, while those qualifications were valuable stepping stones, I also knew, that I had to expand more to allow my own unique path to unfold. My shift from urban life in Europe to a secluded sanctuary in India happened gradually. And away from all metropolitan buzz, it is in the Himalayan hills, where I got married and live with my family.


Some of my Accreditations:  

Practice and Certifications in various Holistic and Clinical Healing Modalities
Pranic Healer (all levels, in Munich / Germany) as well as Master Hypnotherapist and Past Life Repressionist; qualified acc. to American standards (CHI, USA) in Clinical Hypnosis (L1, L2, L3, PLR),
as well as Advanced Hypnotic Modalities, Past Life Regression, Talking to the Subconscious;

 at the Indian Institute of Hypnotherapy in Delhi / Gurgaon, India.

Certified Meditation Teacher
at the Institute for Spiritual Psychology in Munich, Germany
as well as years of Pranayama, Meditation & Yoga practice (Zazen, Integral Yoga).

MA in Communication Design (Dipl.)
at the University of Applied Arts & Sciences in Hamburg, Germany.