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It takes certain steps to cultivate and maintain a beautiful garden. Equally, there is a process for our well-being: cultivate self-awareness and pay attention to what is really going on within ourselves – physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually –, courageously confront our shadows and negative behaviour patterns, and reclaim who we truly are.

Soulfield Coaching refers to the process of holistic healing and embodiment – with the aim to anchor a basecamp of consciousness, purity and coherence that allows your unique spirit, energy signature and natural skills to shine through. The foundation for such self-realisation is harmonising the dynamics of your Personal Constellations, Ancestral and Galactic Constellations.  

About Marina

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Greetings from the Himalayas

Delighted you are here! 


As holistic life-coach and yogic energy-practitioner, I have been working 1:1 with people and groups from all over the world in person, remotely and online. I not only believe but keep experiencing that existence by its very nature is benevolent, cooperative, inclusive and resourceful. Your inherent physical
self-healing powers are just one example of this.


Your life is held by an intelligence that is larger than yourself, and the moment you consciously open up to this magnificent force, you are in for great new opportunities.

My approach puts emphasis on getting to the root cause of your current challenge and issue. And that you become emotionally and energetically literate in order to optimally navigate reality here on Earth. In the process, we connect to your spirit self and tap into the divine consciousness field that naturally adapt their pace according to your needs and capacities. Although self-healing can be daunting at times, be assured that your soulfield work creates the foundation to unfold the best version of yourself, which includes your sovereignty, discernment, compassion, creative output and self-expression.


I bring my frequency and love for clarity, healing order, aliveness, beauty and freedom to the planet. It is my wish that our cooperation will help you to better understand yourself and others, to consciously embody your natural gifts and be attuned to nature.

Sincerely, Marina

We achieve greatest contentment

when our soul gets freed and realigned. 

– Marina

Areas of Expertise

Soul Retrieval &

Inner Child Integration

Trauma-informed Healing & psychospiritual Consultancy

Guidance for

Holistic Healthy Living

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Client Reviews

Words can hardly describe how much your more than 1 hours’ work has touched me. And I first had to be with it in silence. I could perceive from your side so much empathy, perseverance, focus, and yet so much humility and love for everything that showed up – so much attentiveness -, that alone was overwhelming. Tears were flowing, and I could sense what was taking place on a deep level. In particular, the work with the entity “gray cloud” was carried out by so much wisdom, – not pushing the energy away, but instead looking into its heart and inviting it to transform itself from there. Ingenious.
With all which has shown up, I will be (and be open for the “miracle” that may set in…): in meditation, in prayer, in reconciliation, in clarifying the relationship with mother and brother. Love sets free… Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! 

C.W., Germany (artist & business owner)

So vital to my growth. Your work through god is a true blessing. I will respond with a review. :::::: M's work helped me heal and cleanse past emotional disturbances that were hiding deep within my being. Everyday life and even meditative practices were not enough to calm my beliefs and fears and connect me into my subconscious where I was storing all this trauma. M's voice, space, and technique put me in such a relaxed state, with her guidance I was able to process emotions and heal resentments rooted deep within me. It was a very powerful and therapeutic experience. I highly recommend it to anyone who, like me, is experiencing difficulty coming to terms with past emotional traumas.


A.N., USA (privatier)

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