Law of Non-Interference

Do not fix another person without being asked. Because if you do, it means that from your point of view, the other is faulty and incapable of dealing with their life.

Providing ideas or giving unsolicited advice is most likely a form of distraction from your own life and a form of attempted control over others. Better check why you feel the compulsive need to help and why you feel the need to control! Where does the archetype of the eternal saviour and martyr spring forth from?

Law of Non-Interference is even an international law (in compliance with principles of the UN Charter): "Sovereign states shall not intervene in each other's internal affairs".

If it comes to intimate relationships, or business relationships, we better focus on bringing our own selves and lives in order. And through that integrity therewith be an inspiration and space holder for others to connect with, if they choose so.

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photo: Ganga, Rishikesh, 2020


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