Flower Bouquet

Harmonising Your

Personal Constellations

Your Personal Constellations 
This refers first and foremost to how you relate to your self while in the
world, and invites you to become more aware. Self-Awareness implies that you are attentive to what is really going on inside of you – what you feel, think, say and do. Therewith getting the opportunity to course correct as well as to clear the root cause of any suffering, stagnation, pain or crisis.


We carry many emotional wounds and unhealed shock experiences in us, we are usually unaware of. Nevertheless they have an influence on our lives. Unsettling and painful events are forgotten, but stored in our bodies and they repeat themselves in this life, or from one life to another. So again and again, we are further entangled in a loop of suffering as we keep on attracting what is imprinted in our system and subconscious mind.


My work can help you to move from emotional charge, entanglements and bias to an objective, detached perspective by pulling in the consciousness and energies needed at the moment, and to reconnect you with your true self. Key steps in re-establishing your Soulfield Integrity:

  • Heal negative passages in your life and soul fractures from abuse, trauma or interferences.

  • Release false identities, beliefs, limiting concepts and energetic baggage.

  • Create inner space for fresh constructive information and essential memories. 

  • accelerated Facilitate harmonisation for your progress, as required for you.


The prevalent time quality is of such that everything which is out of alignment and still hidden in us (or society) must surface to be revealed for purging, reconciliation release. Certain issues and conditions cannot be covered up any longer and cause unrest, agitation, and dis-ease. Maybe you feel bored out (not burned out) with certain aspects in your life – another sign to change gear and step up.

Holistic Healing & Self-Empowerment

Healing of
Inner Child /
Parentified Child

Release energetic entanglements
(e.g. ex partners) 

Discover your
inherent talents 
and gifts


Male & Female Principles

Reconnect to
your Higher Self



meaningful Relationships

Clear destructive thought & behaviour patterns


(spiritual practice, transcendence)

Get to the root cause of conflicts 

& dis-eases