Harmonising Your

Galactic Constellations

Your Galactic & Universal Constellations 
When you are spiritually aligned and creative, you are 'in the zone'. You loose time references and an unlimited amount of work can be done at a superhuman rate. Conscious beingness in the present moment allows you to pull in cosmic intelligence. Which cosmic data- and energy- streams resonate, reach and enrich you depends on your receptivity and compatibility, and on what is coherent with your soul setting and galactic origin. 


Cognising your unique energy signature and recalling your stellar memories will ease your return to the sacred flow of universal guidance. As you break free from past limiting conditionings and advance on your spiritual journey, you naturally contribute to planetary harmony.


Healing work, energy and yoga practice are about self-awareness and inward-focus in many ways, even if we practice in a group, whether it is conscious breathing, bodywork, character cultivation, wisdom studies, self-enquiry or meditation. But yogic consciousness does not isolate us. On the contrary, the more connected and integrated we are within our own selves, the more caring we become of others – people, the animal kingdom. We observe ourselves and become more aware of our thoughts, nature and the cosmos.


We become more aware of our feelings and the consequences of what we do (or don't do). Everything becomes an extension of us. And we increasingly make choices that do the least harm to other beings and the planet. We get environmentally superconscious, and naturally move from personal to planetary.


Then people tend become interested also in their natal astrological chart – the specific frequencies and planetary constellation at the moment of their birth. Downloading cosmic consciousness into your body system and steering your life towards awakened perception, empowering relationships and refined co-creation is the highest evolutionary path you can take. From this all good things can come: divinely inspired and inspiring aliveness – thoughts, words and actions. 




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Soul Signature



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