Harmonising Your

Ancestral Constellations

Your Ancestral Constellations

How is your relationship with your mother? How is your relationship with your father? How do you feel about your home land and Earth? What do you know and feel about your grandparents, and your ancestors, and other early childhood authorities? 'Harmonising Your Ancestral Constellations' refers to your relationship with those who came before you in your lineage – your family tree. Conscious grounding to Earth and energetic reconciliation with your parents and predecessors create the foundation for your sovereignty and progress in life.


A family's history is usually filled with emotional woundings, and whether they stem from wartime traumata or individual upbringing, they tend to come with denial,  emotional paralysis and dis-ease. Especially if the grandparents kept their experiences (well-intended) in silent suppression. But precisely those denials and secrets lead to a transgenerational transmission of trauma data. And unless the energetic baggage gets released – and integrity reinstalled – a transfer to the next generation takes place, whether we are aware of this, or not.  


We have to understand that our body systems are senders and receivers of energies and data. How we perceive life is also a reflection of the collective consciousness that surrounds and influences us – the local field of our community, culture and country, as well as global imprints related to continents and planet Earth as a whole. Archetypes for example – especially the victim / martyr / perpetrator roles – keep us stuck in a cycle of repeated disfunctional relationships, behaviours and decisions if we don't consciously release the imprints.


How good (or bad) you feel about your past and parents has an effect on all areas of your life: all other relationships as well as your health, self-expression and success (or lack thereof). Any ignored and unresolved issues (emotional triggers) and resentments are an invitation for you to look deeper, heal and harmonise. Then you will evolve into a truly grown up, mature and sovereign adult who is free to move on and progress in life.

Transformation & Sovereignty

Healing of Parentified Daughter/Son

Clear Karmic & Past Life Entanglements

Reframe limiting Belief patterns & Stories

Resentment Release 


Disengage from 'False'
Authority Imprints

Align with your
true home base

Blind Loyalty Release

Clear Energetic Cords
& Contracts

Healthy Boundaries
& Equanimity